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Put yourself ahead of the competition and invite potential guests into your hotel or leisure facility from the comfort of their own home. Let them immerse themselves in your unique environment and gain a superbly accurate sense of your amenities & facilities. 
 Upload your 3D scan to any booking platform so that your guests can experience your tour from any external booking website, select their preferred room and browse your facilities in an excellent 3D Showcase. 
 Book a 3D scan for your Spa or Beauty Treatment Suite to give potential customers the chance to tour your luxury space before their visit. Our 3D will help create more online bookings once your customers have had the chance to fully engage with your venue. Perfect for pubs, restaurants, nightclubs and gymnasiums.
Enable event planners the opportunity to scope your venue for their perfect space. Show off conference suites, function rooms and banqueting rooms to their full potential.  Perfect for wedding venues!