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3D Construction Solutions deliver the industries most multi faceted visual suite of site solutions. Our experience with 3D virtual walk-trough technology is changing the way construction sites are run.

The 3D tours we create can be made interactive with our easy navigation overlay software. We give you collaborator access to enable you to embed information buttons for everything from health & safety information to a full scope of works. A mini map and compass is available for assisted navigation. We can also add a screen grab button on to collect site imagery for reports and documents.

Our current clients are seeing range of benefits from having their entire live site captured in 3D Virtual Photography.

Condition Survey, Health & Safety, Reduce site visits, Assistance in disputes & variations, more accurate quotes from sub contractors, more robust risk assessments & method statements, stronger tender applications………..all these benefits plus at the end of your project we can create a case study from the footage.

Return on investment can be achieved purely from reduced site visits alone.

We offer a completely free on line demo, alternatively we will visit your office free of charge to showcase our services and to help tailor make a package to suit your project needs.

Time Lapse Cameras

Time lapse cameras provide a great perspective of a site as it develops  from start to finish. We use a number of systems to suit all requirements. Our time lapse systems come with a user interface enabling our clients to log on and view the camera footage 24/7. At the end of the project we will deliver an MP4 file of the project from start to finish.


Drone footage is a popular choice of media on projects that deserve to be shouted about. Our drone operators are trained to carry out a number of services from high level survey work to creating marketing material.

Site surveys

We have become a one stop shop for our clients, Our team of surveyors can deliver measured building surveys, topographical, grid line surveys and more.

We have a range of laser scanning equipment enabling us to deliver accurate Point Clouds, BIM and CAD services and post project surveys to confirm accuracy at hand over.

Our 3D Virtual tours of projects can be copied and pasted for use through out your organisation.

Professional Photography

Our team of professional photographers can capture key parts of your site if required. The images captures can be used for web, print and case studies.

Case Study

This building historically known as the In & Out club was the Naval and Military gentlemen’s club before being vacated for newer premises in St James.


3D Media Solutions were asked to create a complete high definition 3D tour of the building prior to development works beginning. This 3D model is now the most detailed visual record of this building in existence.

Construction example

This model shows some of the extra functions that we can provide.

Some construction sites may want extra levels of detail from health and safety to electrical infrastructure detail. We provide a solution that not only helps to identify key points on a site but will navigate you to the exact location to save time.

Ginger Pig New Hotel Rooms by Woodhart Group.

Woodhart Group commissioned 3D Media Solutions to capture their work hours before the final handover.  The window of opportunity to capture this space before the first guest arrived was tight, but we managed it and produced a great record and marketing piece for

Key Features 

  • Condition Survey

  • Initial scope of works

  • Tendering process

  • Pricing

  • Health and safety 

  • Method statements

  • Project management

  • Project progress

  • Marketing material

  • Operative induction

  • Building O & M manuals

  • Future Facility management

  • Disputes

  • Variations

  • Sub Contractor communication 

  • Reduced site visits

  • Client Communication


How long does it take to capture a building? 2019-09-26T00:26:17+00:00

An open planned 10 floor stripped out building of 150,000 sqft would be captured in two days. For a more complex space of this size we would allow three to four days.

How much does it cost? 2019-09-26T00:28:13+00:00

Whilst all projects are different and need to be quoted individually, an example of cost : 50,000 sqft 3D model would cost approximately 1300.00.

How do you access the tour? 2019-09-26T00:31:49+00:00

You can access the 3D tours via a URL online, we can also load the tour onto an iPad for access without an internet connections.

How do you add information buttons? 2019-09-26T00:32:31+00:00

We will offer full training to any personnel that requires access to edit add and remove information from the model.

Can you measure from the 3D model? 2019-09-26T00:33:10+00:00

Yes, we can extract measurements from the 3D model. However there if you require accurate measurements within a certain tolerance we would recommend using our surveying service and industry specific laser equipment.

Can you create Floor plans? 2019-09-26T00:33:39+00:00

Yes, we can deliver floor plans in DWG and PDF formats.

Contact us to organise a consultation to learn how 3D Media Solutions can help to save your business time and money.